A successful implementation of an information system, as well as the expected effects, first of foremost depend on accurately and well-defined requirements. Our service in developing information system requirements specification is aimed at the application of global standards and referent models (ISO/IEC 12207, 15288, ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148, PMI) in finding adequate link between organizational goals, business processes and ICT.

Requirements specifications prepared in this way are the only correct basis for tender documents, regardless whether it is a case of own IS projects or projects financed by the international financial institutions and the EU (WB, EC).

Regardless if we have the development of a new IS, implementation of a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution, open source application or system upgrade, we need to research, understand, collect and clearly convey the system requirements. Regardless if we use classic or agile development methods (RUP, SCRUM) it is necessary to first understand the requirements the products needs to meet.

We in InfoExpert also take care of the requirements specification relating to future maintenance of the information system after the implementation. This involves staff training, development of ICT capacities (e-Readiness), future development perspectives, as well as the total sustainability of the implementation.

We would like to emphasise our earlier experience in engineering requirements specifications for risk-based inspection management systems (Risk-based SIMS), office record-keeping and document management systems and electronic register systems. We have capital for these solutions in terms of knowledge database for referent and relevant models. Our knowledge of the legal framework in SEE countries together with this knowledge database provides for the development of adjusted requirements specifications in the shortest time possible.

Good practices show that it is necessary to get quality system requirements specifications and apply agile implementation methods. Here we would like to emphasise our additional services, which are Quality Assurance, Change Management and On-going Revision. With this we enable that the product you ordered is implemented in accordance with the requirements, standards, within deadlines and budget, as well as that it yields expected effects in the shortest time possible.