InfoExpert’s approach in providing consultation services and implementation of ICT solutions focuses on increasing organizational capacities of its clients through focused education programs which provide for acquiring internationally recognized certificates. In this way we provide necessary capacities to achieve maximum efficiency, effects of application and sustainability of implemented solutions.

In accordance with our portfolio of services and products, we emphasise the following education programs: business process management (BPM), requirements engineering for ICT solutions (RE), corporative governance and strategic managements, program and project management (PMO), software licensing and software asset management (SAM) and risk and information security management (ISMS). Along with these programs, we conduct education in the development of electronic business, business intelligence application, systems of business applications (ERP) and EU projects management.

We organize our education programs together with renowned institutes, academies and faculties and hire professors, renowned experts from the SEE region and world and certified practitioners in order to combine theory, experience and practice. The value of our education programs is the synergy of knowledge, concrete solutions and practical workshops which together enables clients to quickly acquire knowledge necessary for the practical application and acquire internationally recognized certificates.