As a part of our business process modelling service we provide a necessary basis for raising the level of efficiency and success of businesses and public institutions. Only with clearly defined roles in the process chain and standardized activities at different levels it is possible to achieve competitive advantage in the business segment, or efficiency in the segment of public administration.

According to Norton and Kaplan, business processes are one of the six key parts of a strategy. The fact is that adopting regulations and introducing complex information systems without previously well-defined process framework yields no results.

By using appropriate tools and specifications (BPMN, UML, ARIS) we provide for a quality selection and application of relevant and referent process models which are based on the best European and global practices, but also the design of completely new models adapted to the specifics of the organization and business activity.

Parallel with the development of process models we support the development of related internal regulations, which provides for a practically applicable basis for efficient operation of the organization and a basis for future improvements through the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and IS. 

Introducing a project oriented organization enables performance measurement and continued improvement of processes with identifying critical points and application of suitable measures. With this we reach optimal solutions in resource and finances management while decreasing the risk to the lowest possible level.